Foul Odors: Does Your Bathroom Have Them?


A smelly bathroom can make you and your guests feel uncomfortable. It can ruin what is supposedly a peaceful experience, making everyone reluctant to enter and eager to come out immediately. Identifying and addressing the problem is important, not just to improve your bathroom experience, but also to prevent these odors from getting worse.

A number of things can cause your bathroom to smell. It could be due to faulty plumbing, sanitation issue (dirty bathroom), or lack of ventilation. Plumbing contractors in Salt Lake City share a few other things of what is causing your space to emit a foul odor:

  • Clogged drain. Hair, oil, soap scum, and other debris may clog the drain, resulting in standing water that can produce a smelly odor in your bathroom. If a clogged drain or pipe is the cause of the smell, you need to remove and clean the accumulated waste on your own or call a plumber to have it cleaned professionally.
  • Dry pipes. The U-shaped pipe connected to under the bathroom sink should always have water. This is to create a barrier that can keep the gas from the pipes (connected to the sewer) to come up out your sink. This is a common situation in sinks or bathrooms that are not used often. You can resolve the issue by running the water for a few minutes or pouring water down the drain. If this doesn’t solve the problem, call a plumber.

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  • Cracked pipes. Any crack in the pipes enables the wastewater and sewer gases to seep out in your bathroom. This provides a good environment for different microorganisms to thrive, which causes a foul smell in the space. This only makes it important to call a plumber to repair or replace cracked pipes.
  • Problems with ventilation. Bathrooms need to have ducts, exhaust fan, or a small window to let the air or odor out and some fresh air in. Without enough ventilation, it is likely for the stale air to circulate around the room and cause a foul odor. Excess moisture in the space can also cause smelly mold to start growing.
  • Sanitation issues. Your bathroom is likely to smell if you don’t clean or sanitize it regularly. This can also cause bacterial growth all around, especially in the sink, toilet, and dirty floor. You can check out this blog for tips on cleaning your bathroom.

Removing Odors

Look into the things mentioned above and address the problem that’s causing the smell. You can also use air fresheners to mask some regular odors or desiccants to absorb moisture.

Keep in mind, however, that they cannot completely remove foul odors emanating from other sources. You still need to clean your bathroom regularly or call a plumber to fix any plumbing issue. It is also recommended to develop good daily bathroom habits such as:

  • Empty the trashcan regularly.
  • Run the exhaust fan when entering the bathroom.
  • Close the toilet lid before flushing.
  • Clean and wash the mats, rags, shower curtains, and bathroom towels.

Don’t let foul smell dwell in your bathroom. Follow the tips mentioned above and don’t forget to call an expert when you experience plumbing problems.

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