Moving Box Guide: What Goes Where

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When planning for a move, one of the most stressful activities is packing. You need to take great care and caution in packing so your items will arrive at your new home the same way they did before you packed them.

This holds true especially when you’re moving cross-country, where long-distance travel can affect the condition of your personal belongings and valuables. Vibration of items during transport, bumps in the road or sudden stops can damage the contents of your moving boxes. To make sure that your items are protected while in transit, choosing the right type of moving box to use will help ease your worries.

Below are the common types of moving boxes that you can use and what items you should store in them.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are sturdy due to their double-wall construction. You can use corrugated boxes for storing fragile items such as glasses, plates and kitchenware. When packing breakable items, you should wrap them individually using paper or bubble wrap to keep them safe when being transported. As an extra level of protection, you can also add dividers. Make sure that you don’t pack too many items inside the box and check if the weight is still manageable to keep your glasses, dishes, and other breakables secure.

Hanging Wardrobe Boxes

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of folding and unfolding your clothes, using a hanging wardrobe will save you a lot of packing time. Hanging wardrobe boxes come with a hanging rail so you can pack clothes straight from your closet and hang them inside the box. They are ideal if you want to keep your clothes wrinkle-free.

Lay Down Wardrobe Boxes

Lay down wardrobe boxes are an alternative to hanging wardrobe boxes. Instead of hanging your clothes, you can lay them flat inside the box. Lay down wardrobe boxes are wide enough to fit hangers so you can directly transfer clothes from the closet and not have to fold them.

Mattress Boxes

Man lifting the mattressIf you have invested in an expensive mattress because of health reasons, you might want to include it in the move. Packing your mattress using plastic or bubble wrap may be the easiest way to do it. The problem is plastic rips easily, so it may not be enough to protect your mattress, especially during long-distance travel. You can instead go for a mattress box to safeguard your mattress. Mattress boxes are available in many sizes so you can select which ones will be able to fit your mattresses inside.

Picture or Mirror Boxes

Picture or mirror boxes are designed for transporting your artwork, mirrors or framed posters and pictures. For extra protection, you should bubble wrap items before putting them inside in the box.

Small, Medium and Large Moving Boxes

These types of moving boxes are typically used for packing a wide variety of household items. You can use it to store books, towels, linens, beddings, shoes and bags.

Knowing that you have storage options will make packing less challenging. At the same time, you can feel more at ease that your items will arrive at your new home safe and intact.

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