Help Your Child Achieve a Healthy Smile in Six Ways

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It is only natural for most children to love sweet and sugary food. Experts believe that their much higher tolerance to sugary treats is to blame. But sugary food and bad habits can cause tooth problems. Your little one may still have their baby teeth. But that is not enough reason to take their dental health for granted.

As parents, one of our responsibilities is to make sure that our children will learn how to maintain their oral health. Here are a couple of ways to encourage good dental hygiene in children so that they can enjoy a healthy smile.

Take them to regular dental visits

As a general rule, children should see their dentist six months after their first baby tooth comes out, or once they reach the age of one. This is to make sure that a qualified professional can help monitor your child’s tooth development. With regular dental visits, you can be aware if there is any dental problem that needs expert attention. If they need any dental treatment, an orthodontist in San Mateo, California can help determine the best time to treat the problem.

Set a good dental example to your child

Children enjoy imitating adults. So even at an early age, make sure to show them how well you care for your own teeth. Show them the best time to brush, how to do it properly, and how long they need to brush. Guide them in how much toothpaste they need. Don’t forget about flossing. Use short but encouraging instructions; be patient when teaching your little one.

Make brushing fun

Two minutes of brushing may seem like forever if you’re a kid, so think of ways you can make it more enjoyable. Allow them to pick a cute toothbrush design that’s perfect for their young pearly whites. You can also allow them to pick their favorite toothpaste in the flavor they enjoy brushing with. You can use a fun timer or play their favorite music so that they’ll know when they can stop brushing.

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Avoid giving them food and drinks that can harm their teeth

It is no secret that sugary food can damage teeth. So stick to the healthy ones that promote healthy teeth. But there are healthy treats that can also cause cavities. Be careful about the food you give your child. Avoid giving them juice, dried fruit, fruit snacks, bread, carbonated drinks, sour candies, and raisins.

Encourage them to eat a healthy breakfast

Breakfast maybe the most crucial meal in a day, but most adults fail to eat a healthy breakfast. If you change your habit and encourage your little one to do the same, they will have enough energy to fuel their day. Giving them a high-protein breakfast each day also helps reduce their cravings for sugary food.

Break bad dental habits as early as possible

Does your child enjoy munching on leftover ice? Do they still ask for a bedtime bottle full of milk or juice? Maybe they can’t let go of their sippy cup? All these are bad habits that can wreck a child’s teeth. Know what these habits are; helping your child stop them as early as possible can help avoid dental problems from arising in the future.

Achieving a healthy smile is never easy. But if you start as early as possible, you can help your child give their pearly whites a better future. With this list, you can help them achieve it in the best and fun way possible.

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