Silicone Rings: Why It’s The Best Option For Your Military Life

If you work in the military, you might have heard that silicone rings are rising in popularity over the past years. Whether it’s for fashion or functionality, it’s become a trend not just for athletes and medical professionals. The demand has been growing for silicone rings amongst military personnel as well.

Five Reasons Why Silicone Rings are the perfect choice for your Military Life.

 1. Safety

It’s a known fact that service members face risks every day. Your career requires you to always be on the move, and not to mention, anything can happen while you’re on duty. You don’t want to stress over an accident that could have easily been prevented.

Although wearing traditional rings, wedding rings or engagement rings are allowed in the military (up to two depending on your division or location), they’re not advisable simply because wearing metal rings can pose a hazard to one’s health. The last thing you would want is for your ring to get caught on an object and yanked off, together with your finger. That’s called ring avulsion.

2. Simplicity is security

You can’t really prevent yourself from wearing accessories, especially rings. Being away from home, it can be your most prized possession. It symbolizes your commitment, love, and even the home you’re fighting for, but there are risks in donning metal rings. Although traditional, it can attract unwanted attention, subjecting it to being stolen. Silicone rings are the answer to this dilemma. You don’t have to leave it at home out of fear of losing it — you can take it with you wherever you go, and you don’t even have to take it off while taking a shower.

3. Durability

Yes, gold, silver and platinum rings can outlast a generation, but so can silicone rings. High-quality ones are crafted from durable and versatile materials that give its wearer the security to go about their day with confidence. It’s ideal for someone with an active lifestyle, such as being in service.

4. Comfortable

Add comfort to the list of perks that you get from owning a silicone ring. Military life isn’t famous for the glitz and glamour. Most of the time, you’re going to be out braving unfavorable weather. You don’t want the hot temperature heating up your accessory and burning your skin, or the cold weather to loosen your ring so that it slips off. Silicone rings give you the benefit of feeling like you’re not wearing anything, and at the same time, it allows you to wear jewelry without any worry.

5. Designed to fit your style

Two wedding bands

Silicone rings are trending, and not just for functionality, but because they’re flexible in terms of style as well. There are designs available for everyone, whether you’re into classic, chic or looking for something unique, there’s one readily available for you, provided you know where to look.

The value of a relationship doesn’t decrease or increase based on the worth of a jewelry, even one that’s supposed to signify your commitment to each other. The important thing is that you are able to wear something that reminds you of what you value most, all while keeping all the fingers you were born with.

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