When Jewelry Does Not Make You Pretty: How to Deal with Your Nickel Allergy


Wearing jewelry has been a thing since ancient times. Over the years, it has been a symbol of social status and wealth, especially among the well-off individuals back then. Wearing jewelry also enhances one’s appearance, especially if there is a special or formal event that you need to attend. Trendy jewelry that women love to wear includes sparkly necklaces, simulated diamond rings, and shiny bracelets.

Every woman loves to have expensive jewelry in their possession. It’s not really because of its price but because it triggers their allergies. Yes, even specific jewelry cause allergies that lead to itching and other skin-related issues. This condition is called nickel allergy.

So what is nickel allergy?

According to Mayo Clinic, nickel allergy refers to a type of allergy triggered by certain types of jewelry, particularly cheap ones. However, nickel allergy can also be caused by everyday items such as eyeglass frames, zippers, coins, and others that can contain nickel. When coming into contact with this substance, it can cause itching and rashes.

Other symptoms that are caused by nickel allergies include bumps, redness, dry skin patches, or skin blisters. In most cases, the allergy appears in the body area where it came into contact with. However, there are times when it can appear in other parts of the body. If there is already a presence of pus and pain when touched, it might be best to call a doctor immediately.


Is it possible to wear jewelry if you have allergies?

The short answer is yes. Specifically, you can be free from nickel allergies if you wear jewelry that is free from the nickel. Greenish, mold-like stains that stick on your skin after taking off your watch or any other jewelry is not a sign of nickel allergy. Instead, it is the effect of the jewelry’s oxidation process.

So if you think you have a nickel allergy, it is best to avoid any jewelry or everyday items that contain nickel. As for wearing jewelry, it is still possible for those who have a nickel allergy. For example, you have to invest in jewelry with pure metals such as gold (24k), platinum, silver (pure sterling silver), or stainless steel (surgical grade).

Here are other ways to avoid the risk of nickel allergies:

  • Paint costume jewelry with clear nail polish. Some experts might not recommend using costume jewelry as it can trigger allergies. However, some people might not resist wearing jewelry. In such cases, you can paint the jewelry with three layers of transparent nail polish.
  • Apply moisturizing cream on the skin to create protection on your skin against allergies.
  • Invest in jewelry such as pure gold, silver, and other nickel-free jewelry items to reduce the risk of allergies.

These are some things you need to remember to avoid the effect of nickel allergies. Jewelry can enhance our looks. That is why a lot of people, especially women, cannot live without wearing jewels. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce the risk of nickel allergy without having to sacrifice your favorite jewelry pieces.

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