Invisalign – what to expect from clear braces


When seeking a way to realign your teeth there are many aspects to consider both in terms of effectiveness and for some, the cosmetic appeal. This is where Invisalign’s popularity has originated. Using a thin, transparent plastic material, the aligners push the teeth gently into a new position over a specific amount of time, whilst being barely noticeable.

Beginning with a consultation

As with all treatments and procedures, to begin with there are a variety of processes which need to be carried out before treatment begins. A consultation witha dentist about Clear Braces Direct London is the first step. During this appointment along with a discussion about the overall aims of the patient, a thorough examination of the teeth, mouth and gums will be carried out. This includes a physical examination carried out by the dentist along with scans and potentially X-rays to get a clear view of the extent of the misalignment. This entire process will help create a plan going forward for the realignment and the scans can be used to provide a visual 3D image of the end result.

Wearing the aligners

woman testing the invisible aligners

If proceeding with Invisalign, your dental team will send off the scans taken during the consultation in order for the custom-made aligners to be created. The thin, clear plastic trays, which are sent in multiple sets, are created to fit snugly to the individual’s teeth with gentle adjustments in each set in order to keep pressing the teeth into a new position.

As the treatment progresses, your dental team will advise you as and when to move on to the next aligner, although it will be a few weeks before the change is recommended. This treatment is carried out primarily in the comfort of your own home with little impact on your daily life. With the aligners being simple to remove, the oral hygiene process and food consumption times barely alter, except for remembering to remove the aligner and replace once finished. No fuss, just a simple remove and replace.

Is this a long treatment process?

As with any treatment or procedure, the length of time it takes to straighten the teeth depends on multiple factors. For those with minor alignment issues, it can take as little as 6 months to get the desired results, whereas for those with severely misaligned teeth it can take around 18 months. This all depends on the starting point and the commitment to the process throughout each day.

The benefits of choosing Invisalign

When deciding upon a treatment the last thing anyone wants is to have an uncomfortable and therefore unhappy time whilst having their smile improved. This is where the Invisalign aligners come into their own. Due to the soft plastic and snug fit, the aligners are perfect at carrying out the task they were created for, without any sacrifice to the comfort of the person wearing them.

Alongside the comfort of the treatment is the ease of use, no need for endless appointments or adjustments carried out by the dentist. A treatment that focuses on the task at hand whilst limiting the impact on daily life.

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