Why Your Neighbors Care About the State of Your House

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Does it sound weird that your neighbors are commenting about the state of your yard and even your house? You may have been very busy lately that you forget to mow the lawn and take out the trash, but do they have the right to comment on the state of your property? Shouldn’t they focus on their own house and yard?

Somehow, if your PVC roofing sheets are deteriorating and affecting the look of the house, your neighbors can complain about it. This is particularly true in gated communities and neighborhoods that have homeowners’ associations. If there is a rule in the association about how homeowners must maintain their properties, your neighbors can complain about the lack of maintenance in your property.

Value of Homes

The main reason your neighbors are complaining about the state of your property is its effect on the value of their properties. Being a next-door neighbor to a property with a dilapidated structure and unkempt yard will lower the value of their homes. If they want to sell their property, they may have a harder time looking for your next neighbor. Who would want to be neighbors with someone who lets the weeds grow and doesn’t take the trash out on time?

Health Hazards

If you’re not taking the trash out, that means that your property is the pseudo homes to squirrels, raccoons, and skunks. There’s nothing worse than living beside a property where such animals reside. Imagine the health hazards that they pose. Squirrels, for example, are known to carry numerous diseases. Some of the most common are typhus, ringworm, plague, and tularemia. These can be transmitted through direct contact with an infected squirrel.



Small animals can also bring trash from your house to your neighbor’s. Can you imagine waking up to used diapers and spoiled food? Raccoons can raid your garden and trash cans and bring the trash to your neighbor’s lawn. Who wouldn’t be annoyed with that? Who wouldn’t complain about your trash if that happened? Not to mention, soiled diapers and spoiled food can cause diseases, too.

And what about the odor? If you’re used to the putrid smell from your overflowing garbage can, don’t subject your neighbors to it. They’re taking care of their lawns well, but if you’re not doing your part in keeping the neighborhood clean, they are going to suffer the consequences, too.

In some communities, homeowners are required to keep their houses aesthetically pleasing. There are contracts that homeowners signed adhering to these rules. Some neighborhood associations are strictly enforcing rules on the house’s paint color, fence design, and garden choices. If you live in such a neighborhood, you will be legally bound to follow the rules of the association. Therefore, your neighbors are within their rights to complain about the state of your house.

Taking care of your property shows respect to your neighbors, too. If they are complaining about the state of your house, you should listen to them and try to address the issue they have raised. It wouldn’t take you five minutes to lend an ear to their grievances. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even benefit from it.

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