Top 7 Ways to Save Energy This Coming Spring

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As we count the days to the beginning of spring, you’re probably already cooking up plans to make the most of the season. Spring cleaning and home maintenance are surely included on your list. But aside from these, it’s also worth thinking about ways to save energy as we get closer to the warmer months.

In this post, we’ll take a look at top energy-saving tips that even the most experienced electrical contractors in Salt Lake City¬†swear by.

1. Get your AC checked and cleaned.

Once we enter the warm months, your air conditioning unit will start working double time. Having it inspected and tuned up helps make sure that it runs smoothly and efficiently. A clean AC will run more efficiently energy-wise, saving as much as 15 percent of its usual consumption.

When getting your AC unit serviced, ensure that filters are replaced. Refrigerant levels should also be checked. You should also see to it that the technician removes dust and debris inside and around the unit, and cleans the evaporator coils.

2. Inspect your water heater.

While cooling becomes the primary priority during spring and summer, your household may still use warm or hot water for showering, bathing, and washing clothes and dishes. A faulty water heater can consume more energy than it’s supposed to, so make sure that you have yours checked. This way, you’ll know whether it needs repair or replacement.

3. KonMari your fridge.

You might have heard about the KonMari method of decluttering and organizing. Its basic principle is only to keep things that “spark joy.” Does your fridge spark joy when you open it, or do you always get frustrated because it’s filled with so many items, but still, you can’t find food to indulge your midnight cravings?

A refrigerator is designed to cool everything that’s inside it. This means that when your fridge is full, it consumes more energy as it tries to maintain the right temperature inside. Take the time to organize your fridge so it will only use minimal energy.

4. Switch to LED bulbs.

If you’re still using old-school incandescent bulbs, now is the time to switch to LED lighting. LED bulbs consume less energy. They also last longer. As a result, you save money in more ways than one.

5. Have your home checked for electrical problems.

Regular maintenance will also help keep your home’s electrical system functioning efficiently and safely. Your trusted electrician can inspect and detect problems that may be causing unnecessary excessive energy consumption without you knowing. They can also identify weak points and recommend solutions to avoid issues from worsening.

6. Set your thermostat just right.

When the days begin to warm up, you’ll probably be tempted to set the temperature low. But if you can stay comfortable at a warmer temperature, then refrain from going too low. If you’re going out, it’s also wise to set the temperature higher.

7. Unplug appliances when you go out.

Many people think that turning off appliances via their remote control is enough. However, most appliances stay on standby or sleep mode when plugged. By unplugging and completely shutting off appliances and other electronic devices, you can save a little more on energy consumption.

Enjoy the Upcoming Season Without Worrying About Electricity Bills

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With these simple tips, you can make your home more energy-efficient. Keeping these in mind will help you enjoy the season better without worrying a lot about utility expenses!

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