Watch Out for These Signs of Problem in Your Vacuum Cleaner

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Your vacuum cleaner is designed to handle some tough cleaning tasks without bogging down so easily. This means cleaning machines are typically built with heavy-duty parts that can withstand constant cleaning actions for hours on end.

However, just like anything else that is made of mechanical components, vacuum cleaners could also wear out eventually and require preventive maintenance or repairs. Fortunately, there are some Salt Lake City vacuum repair companies that you can call to have your vacuum serviced. These companies have skilled repair technicians and appropriate tools to fix vacuum issues in a few hours or days, depending on the severity of the problem.

But for your part, how do you even know when your vacuum’s already having trouble? Here are four signs you should watch out for:

Vacuum won’t suction properly

If for some reason, your vacuum can’t seem to pick up even the smallest of crumbs on your carpets, then it’s obviously a suction problem in full display. Vacuums are supposed to pick up objects larger than bread crumbs so there is surely something wrong with it when it can’t suction small things.

Usually, a damaged vacuum hose or a dirty filter is the culprit for such an issue and your repair technician can easily fix it in an hour or so. At times, a deep clean is all it takes to bring your vacuum’s suctioning power back to life.

It emits a strange smell

Vacuum cleaners aren’t supposed to smell, so if they do, then there’s probably something wrong. Some of the most common causes of strange vacuum smell include dirty filter, smelly dust canister or cleaner bag, and hose or attachments that got blocked. For the most part, you can just remove the parts in question and perform a simple cleaning to address the smell.

The vacuum keeps making an annoying noise

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Loud, annoying noise from the vacuum cleaner can signal a problem with one of its internal components. There are many potential problem points that you need to check when your vacuum is louder than normal.

First, be sure to check the brushes and hose as there could be objects stuck in them that are causing the noise. See if the belt is in its proper position since dislodged belts will most likely cause an unpleasant sound. Finally, have your vacuum motor checked by a certified repair technician to see if it’s already dying down due to age or usual wear. In such a case, you might want to simply replace the old vacuum soon.

It won’t turn on

Now, this is probably one of the worst things that you may have to deal with – a vacuum cleaner that suddenly won’t turn on or work. Bur before you lose your cool over it, be sure to do some standard checks first.

For one, see if the machine is properly plugged into a working socket. If it does, check if the thermal cut-out is activated due to a full bag that causes the vacuum to overheat. You may also want to replace the bag immediately. Then, be sure to see if the on/off switch is not damaged because if it is, then it must be replaced soon. Finally, see if the motor is in a good working condition because if it doesn’t, then it’s a great reason to have it replaced or to buy a brand new vacuum.

You can resolve some of these problems on your own, but for those that are beyond your knowledge and capabilities, just call your trusted repair professionals immediately.

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