Your Posture Could Be Damaging Your Health and Here’s How

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Long hours of sitting in front of a computer screen cannot only harm your eyes but also cause your posture to deteriorate over time. Slouching happens frequently, whether you realize it or not. People usually neglect the fact that their posture is unhealthy, so they do not pay much attention to it. They just peg it as more of a concern of appearance than of an unhealthy habit. A survey even discovered that only less than half of Americans are concerned with their posture.

As much as poor posture can pose several health risks to you, it is also important to identify what may be causing it. It may be because of your age, everyday situations, and daily circumstances that you face. You may be stuck at a desk for almost eight hours a day or may be enduring wearing a heavy backpack whenever you commute. You may be putting a lot of stress on your neck and back when you use your mobile phone. The kinds of hobbies you have may also be a factor.

Low nutrition

Bad posture could be caused by improper diet and nutrition. Your spine still needs enough nutrients to be able to sustain itself and grow straighter and more stable. Check your food intake, as you may lack calcium and proper vitamins. This would in turn affect the strength and flexibility of your back, so it’s better to have a better diet overall.

Excess weight

People with bigger chests or stomachs usually have poor posture, as the extra weight in front pulls them in a curve. This generally causes them to have difficulty maintaining their body stance because the weight is too heavy for their spine to carry. Maintaining a good diet and exercise that suits your body type will certainly help take the burden off your shoulders.

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Injuries and pain

If you have experienced an injury in the past that may be caused by car accidents, falls, or any incident that affected your bones and muscles, then this might be the reason you have bad posture. In certain cases where the pain is felt regularly, a person usually holds or adjusts their body to alleviate the pain. When done out of habit, this could worsen the posture in the long run. One way to reduce the discomfort is by visiting a car accident chiropractic clinic, as they usually specialize in musculoskeletal problems, particularly caused by auto accidents.

Having bad posture will pose damaging factors to your health over time. You must always be wary of the things that can cause your poor posture and take necessary measures to fix it as soon as possible. When not treated right and immediately, you may experience:

  1. Arthritis. When your spine is not aligned properly, your weight generates more stress on your knees. If bad posture is not treated, this condition will worsen, as further pressure is added to the joint that is already in pain. This will affect your overall productivity and perspective in life over time.
  2. Difficulty breathing. When your body is misaligned, your diaphragm has a hard time having enough space to contract and release with your every breath. When you are not able to breathe well, you may experience further health problems in addition to the pain you get from having bad posture.
  3. Poor sleep. The comfort you feel when resting is also compromised when your body is in pain. If your neck and back are experiencing regular pain, you might find yourself having difficulty finding the perfect position in bed to relax in, which will greatly reduce the quality of your sleep.
  4. Neck, shoulder, and back pains. These parts are generally strained because of your bad posture. Your posterior muscles are much affected, causing your neck and shoulders to crouch forward and downward.
  5. Digestion problems. When you find yourself sitting every day in a crouching manner because of a desk job or online class, your digestive system is squeezed in. This causes the slowing down of your digestive processes, and you will not like the discomfort that comes with it.

It is important to attend to your habits that pose multiple health risks as early as you can. Your posture is more than just how you look standing and how you carry yourself; it also reflects the state of your overall well-being, from the present to the future. The impact of your poor posture could give you long-term health conditions that will greatly affect your life.

Pause for a moment and pay attention to the adjustments that your body needs. You will be a lot grateful in the future if you take the time to fix your posture and other health problems while you still can.

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